Küçükler Nakliyat

Our company took its place in this sector in 1997, under the name of “Turkmen Nakliyat”, by carrying out intra-city and inter-city transportation of Betek Boya (Filli Boya) and Kimya Anonim Şirketi.

Our company changed its name to “Küçükler Nakliyat” in 2005. The change in our company was not only in the name, besides the name change, it also brought the transportation in line with the European Union standards, and continues to serve its customers as a more robust organization with its new vehicles, transportation and organization authorization certificates, and experienced staff.

Our vision:

To dynamically increase the portfolio, country and partner diversity by keeping up with the development, speed and globalization in the globalizing and constantly developing transportation sector. To be included in new networks on a national and international basis.

Our Mission;

To constantly exceed the increasing expectations of our customers. To achieve professionalism and to maintain professionalism at all times by providing reliable and perfect service in the transportation sector.

Our Values


For us, customer satisfaction is the source of the benefits of suppliers, employees, shareholders and the whole society. We aim to exceed customer expectations with our continuously improving service quality, service productivity and timing.


We know that our strength comes from the diversity and interest of our people. We aim to provide the necessary tools, training and support to our employees in order to achieve excellence in customer satisfaction.


Our pursuit of development and innovation continues at every level of our business.

Our Goals

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We will exceed customer expectations by continuously improving our service quality, productivity and speed.

TECHNOLOGY: We will apply world-class technology to our products and services.

GROWTH: We will grow by adding new ones to our existing business.