Partial Groupage Transportation

Partial transportation means a load carried in parts as a word meaning. This shows, in part, what this type of transport corresponds to. When we think in parts, partial transportation allows those who request transportation for the same route to fill a truck, plane or container of their cargo. In this way, the cost is divided and productivity increases.

An important issue is screening according to the weight and sensitivity of the load. As Small Transport, we carry heavy loads, light and sensitive loads.

We carefully place it on top for you, and we offer the best service to prevent loads from being crushed, damaged and lost time.

Road Partial Transport is done by transporting loads belonging to different people by road vehicles. As there is a highway, it is possible to reach almost everywhere. It also has a feature that provides the continuation of other types of transportation. E.g; It can be activated at the point of delivering a cargo that has arrived by sea to the buyer, and multiple deliveries are made using the partial cargo transportation method.